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​Right now, you really DO have the power to elevate, accelerate and multiply your business results…
  • You’re willing to replace old and outdated models…
  • You’re willing to throw out attitudinal limitations and fears…
  • You’re willing to welcome possibility and boundless potential…
Once you release the constraints of the status quo, you will find everything you do become increasingly effective, almost effortless and wildly profitable.
That stated, let me give you a brief overview of the components that can open the barn door to new, increased profits.

#1 – Optimization:
Optimization gives you maximum profits with minimal time. Most entrepreneurs unknowingly limit, constrict and constrain the number of prospects they could be converting, the number of buyers they could be selling, the number of repeat buyers they could be generating, the size of the transactions they could be doing, and more. Yet, as part of your marketing genius mindset, optimization reveals all the hidden ways that revenue, sale and impact could be slipping through your business fingers. Optimization is about getting the highest and best use of ALL your time, effort, opportunity, access, people, relationships, capital – EVERYTHING.

Even though the odds are high you are NOT getting the maximum performance, results, impact, sales and profits you could from everything your company, partners, distributors, vendors, associated and more are doing – know this: Once you gain a broad, comprehensive, expanded sense of how many better, safer, faster, higher yielding, less risky, more recurring options, opportunities, approaches and possibilities there are available to you to replace underperforming ones OR add to multiply what you’re doing now… your business transforms. That’s what optimization can do as part of your marketing genius mindset.

#2 – Preeminence (the fact of surpassing all others):
Optimization only works optimally when you add the next element to it: Preeminence is a strategic philosophy that is the lifeblood and foundation of superior performing businesses. It’s the culture you instill in your people. It’s the elevated way you communicate. 

It’s the formation of your advertising, marketing, and sales communications. It’s what you stand for. The mindset of Preeminence positions you and your business in the mind of the prospect as THE authority in your field – the only viable choice the prospect can make. The sense of Preeminence takes you from being a generic provider of a service or product, to your clients most trusted advisor…the most elevated source…someone who always has their best interest at heart.

If you truly incorporate the mindset of Preeminence into your business and marketing genius mindset, it allows you to charge more for your products and services without having to increase your costs, shorten your sales cycle while multiplying your trust factor, and create more value from every interaction and transaction.

#3 – Relational Capital:
As powerful as Optimization and the mindset of Preeminence are, there’s one more element you must add to ensure cohesive, integrated growth: Relational Capital. This is about creating a profit arc that supports and elevates your business expansion and stability by orders of magnitude. 

This means multiplying money through relationships. You can tie into millions, hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars’ worth of other people’s past, current and future expenditures, good will and credibility. It starts with a focus on OPR – “other people’s resources”. There are over 100 categories of OPR impact points that most people never even see, let alone harness and harvest.

Through the use of Relational Capital, your clients and customers become your best salespeople. You elevate and create newfound levels of credibility for you and your business. You connect with respected and prestigious individuals and create strategic alliances, advisory boards, and more with them where they have no liability yet lend their credibility, reputation and stature to you. You achieve extraordinary marketplace differentiation, preeminence, and “pre-emptiveness”. That’s what Relational Capital can do as part of your marketing genius mindset.

When you implement all three elements of the marketing genius mindset – Optimization, the mindset of Preeminence, and Relationship Capital – you not only unlock and unleash passion, possibility, profit and purpose, but you also magnify the impact you’re able to have throughout your industry, community and life.

We use these techniques every day in our business. Do you want to learn how to implement these elements into your business for FREE!  Contact the Enterprise Center today to setup a FREE consult and planning session.  We will share all the details with you and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to grow.